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List of training centers

By the order №7 of the Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport of 31 March, 2005 the Maritime Security Service is expected to carry out methodical provision and control of the members of sea crafts crews trainings on the subject of the fight for vitality and survival at sea in the coastal training centers and training ships. A purposeful exercising of control for seamen training on the part of the Service made it possible to determine the unified system of the members of sea crafts crews training and organize the works in: - application of computer testing programs for increasing the competence level of the persons being trained in training centers; - acquiring and setting of the trainers for cargo ballast and technological operations for theoretical and practical training of the members of tankers crews on the functions of cargo operations control, taking into account the efficiency security criteria in compliance with the requirements of the International STCW Convention (of the year 1978) as amended, on tankers; - organizing experimental works of making operating models and trainers, training video films, designing educational manuals, official documentation; - carrying out the analysis of trainings organization and working out the general proposals and guidelines on improving the practice of trainings provision and general arrangements in training centers activities; - determining the unified system of the members of sea crafts crews training, including general organizational arrangements. In the pursuance of practical training organization improvement a work in raising the training centers managing personnel responsibility for the trainings quality, enhancement of the control for the system of issuing and registration of the certificate forms which confirm the accomplishment of the training is being carried out. At present the checklist of the coastal training centers and training ships, passed the technical examination by the Ministry of Transport of Russia and accepted to carrying out seamen trainings in exercising the functions connected with emergency situations, medical care and survival, special training of certain sea craft types personnel, is composed and approved. The checklist concerned is being updated annually. Beginning from the year 2001 there will be the number of the ordered certificate forms for every coastal training center and training ship for every program, and also particular numbers given to the certificates, confirming the accomplishment of the training, indicated in the checklist which let to avoid unauthorized making and illegal issuing of certificates to the persons being trained.

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