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Quality management system

In 2016, the leading auditors of the independent organization CJSC Bureau Veritas Certification Rus completed their work at the FSI Maritime Security Service on quality management system (QMS) certification. For three days, they assessed the compliance of the QMS with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. The main conclusion made by the auditors of Bureau Veritas during the audit was that the quality management system of the FSI Maritime Security Service was implemented and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the international standard. Among the strengths of the QMS are, in particular, leadership and involvement of top management, focus on improving the QMS, maintaining the production environment and infrastructure at an appropriate level, and extensive documentation.

The group of auditors stated that based on the results of the certification audit and the demonstrated level of development and maturity, the quality management system of the FSI “Marine Security Service” is recommended for recertification according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

For the first time, the Maritime Security Service was certified according to the international standard back in 2006. One of the first among the federal government agencies subordinate to the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport, FBU “Marine Security Service” confirmed the compliance of its QMS with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.

Since March 2007, BUREAU VERITAS Certification, the world leader in the provision of services for confirming compliance with the requirements of standards and regulations in the field of quality, health and safety at work, the environment and social responsibility, has been evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation of the QMS of the FSI “Marine Security Service” and then how it contributes to the achievement of planned results.

The quality management system of the Federal Budgetary Institution “Marine Security Service” applies to services for the creation and maintenance of a system for protecting sea and river transport facilities from illegal acts against the safety of navigation, in accordance with international and national requirements in the field of transport security and protection.

Thus, the high quality of services provided by FSI “Marine Security Service” is confirmed by the BUREAU VERITAS Certification No. RU002483.

As well as a certificate of conformity of the GOST R certification system No. ROSS RU. FK 58.K00099



Quality policy of FBS “Maritime Safety Service” is expressed in the desire of the top management of the Service to maintain a high organizational and qualification level of the Service, capable to meet the expectations of customers in terms of competence, impartiality, availability and ethical standards in performing the tasks assigned by the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport and the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport and meeting the international and national security requirements, as well as the correspondent
The motto of the FBSO “Maritime Safety Service” is “Water transport – safety always and everywhere”.
Policy in the field of quality is supported in interrelation with the general policy of activity of “Maritime Safety Service” and is aimed at maintenance of reputation of the Service as state institution, reliable service provider on realization of the measures directed on providing of transport security and protection of sea and river transport objects.
All relations of the FBS “Maritime Safety Service” with the consumers are built taking into account the requirements of applicable international and national documents: conventions, standards, resolutions, norms and rules.
Being guided in its activities by the above documents, the FBU “Maritime Safety Service” seeks to:
1) ensure the implementation of a unified state policy in the field of protection of sea and river transport facilities from illegal acts against the safety of navigation, which meets the requirements of international and national security, as well as correlating with the state strategy in the field of transport safety and quality;
2) ensure an objective assessment of the activities of the organizations conducting training in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention on Standards of Training and Certification of Seafarers and Watchkeeping, 1978, as amended, and the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code;
3) continuously improve the quality of vulnerability assessment (security) and development of transport security (safety) plans for sea and river transport facilities by monitoring the work of authorized organizations;
4) strengthen its reputation by improving the methods of work with consumers, raising the qualifications of employees, their responsibility and interest in the quality provision of services;
5) ensure personal responsibility of the Service’s management for the results of work on provision of services;
6) timely actualize normative documentation of the Service, improve and bring it in conformity with changing requirements of international and national legislative acts and standards;
7) Through high quality of rendered services to win and strengthen trust of its clients;
8) constantly increase efficiency of implementation of Quality Management System.
This policy is implemented within the framework of the service quality management system, based on the requirements of international standards for quality management systems through:
– conducting regular monitoring and evaluation of client feedback;
– ensuring high quality of the results of the Service;
– Compliance of all employees of the Service with the established requirements and irreproachable execution of their duties;
– Involvement of specialists of the highest qualification in the work;
– Conscientious performance and control of execution of prescriptions of management and technological documents – manuals, procedures and instructions.


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