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Departmental spatial data fund

Rules for ordering electronic navigation charts (ENС)

How to order

Departmental Spatial Data Fund of Rosmorrechflot collects, stores and distributes cartographic information on inland waterways of the Russian Federation.


To order cartographic information, you need to fill out an application form, a sample of which can be downloaded from the “Documents” section.


After filling out the form, the application is sent to the Federal State Institution “Russian Maritime Security Service”.

By mail to the address: Russia, 109544, Moscow, Shkolnaya street, 35, Russian Maritime Security Service.

By e-mail to the email address:


To view information about map availability, see the ENС Catalog and Materials and Data section. The “ENС Catalog” section provides instructions on how to use the electronic GDP ENС Catalog.


Electronic navigation charts for organizations and end users are sold by the official distributors of the GNP ENС.


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