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Acts of terrorism

Limburg (2002)

Explosion on Limburg tanker (France) near Yemen coast. Aden-Abin Islamic Army terrorist organization claimed responsibility. 12 crew members were injured. More than 70,000 barrels of crude oil leaked out to the sea.


"Silk Pride" (2001)

Terrorists of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam performed a suicide boat attack on Silk Pride oil tanker near Sri Lanka coast.

Silk Pride

USS Cole (2000)

Attack on American USS Cole Destroyer near Yemen coast. 17 American sailors were killed, 30 were injured. Al-Qa'eda terrorist organization claimed responsibility.

USS Cole

«Achille Lauro» () (1985)

Hijacking of Italian Achille Lauro sea cruise ship by activists of Abu Abbas Faction terrorist organization (Palestine Liberation Front)



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