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Acts of piracy

23 October, 2018

·          07.09.2018: 03.00 UTC: Posn: 04:55N – 001:43W, Takoradi anchorage, Ghana.
One robber boarded the anchored tug PACIFIC VALHALLA (flag of Singapore) and managed to steal a high-pressure washer. Two crew members noticed the robber and tried to stop him. The robber waved a knife towards the crew and escaped in a boat. Port control informed via VHF. A security boat responded and caught the robber.
·          07.09.2018: 00.30 LT: Posn: 10: 21.06N – 064:50.48W, Jose anchorage, Venezuela.
While at anchor, six robbers barefooted and wore masks on their faces boarded the oil tanker CARABOBO (IMO No 9623257, flag of Singapore). One of the robbers captured the duty watch officer who was conducting security round. He dragged the duty watch officer, tied him to the sprinkler system drain pipe at the deck, searched his pockets, and took his wrist watch and keys to the deck stores and lockers. The robbers took 30 mins to lower down paint drums, tools, some ropes and other goods to aft part of the poop deck. They eventually released the duty officer before escaping from the ship by the rope from the steering gear derrick.
·          10.09.2018: 16.30 UTC: Posn: 20:06.06N – 091:46.55E, Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh.
Two robbers armed with knives boarded an anchored container vessel. Duty crew noticed the robbers and immediately informed the master who raised the alarm. Upon hearing the alarm, the robber escaped. A search was made throughout the vessel. It was reported that ship’s properties were stolen.
·          10.09.2018: 18.00 UTC, Posn: 04:40.36N – 118:43.12E, around 3nm NNW off Pulau Gaya, off Sabah, East Malaysia, South China Sea.
Two masked armed men clad in dark clothing armed with M16 machine guns boarded a fishing trawler and abducted two Indonesian fishermen. Two other fishermen managed to escape the abduction by hiding in compartment on board. Once the kidnappers left, the two crewmen immediately made their way to Semporna to lodge a police report. Investigations on going.
·          10.09.2018: 19.30 UTC: Posn: Tarahan Jetty, Indonesia.
Duty AB, on routine rounds, onboard a berthed tanker noticed two robbers on deck and raised the alarm. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers escaped empty handed.
·          11.09.2018: 20.15 UTC: Posn: 05:48.5N – 118:04.9E, Sandakan Port, Sabah, Malaysia.
A robber boarded a berthed ship via the anchor chain. Alert duty crew stationed on the forecastle deck spotted the robber and immediately notified the Master and D/O. Alarm raised and the crew made their way to the forward deck to investigate. Hearing the alerted crew, the robber escaped with his accomplices in their speed boat. Incident reported to local authority.
·          16.09.2018: 03.15 UTC: Posn: 07:45.14N – 117:03.95E, around 4nm SW of Balabac Island, Philippines.
Six persons, in two skiffs approached an asphalt tanker underway. Alarm raised, PA announcement made, and crew mustered. As the skiffs closed to the tanker the Master noticed the persons face covered with masks. Evasive manoeuvres commenced. After around five minutes, the skiffs aborted the approach and moved to another vessel in the vicinity. Master informed the other vessel about the approaching skiffs by VHF.
·          17.09.2018: 03.00 UTC: Posn: 09:20.8N – 013:43.3W, Conakry anchorage, Guinea.
An anchored product tanker was boarded by four armed robbers. Master raised the alarm, locked the accommodation and all crew mustered in the citadel. The armed robbers fired at the bridge windows and gained access into the accommodation. They ransacked all crew cabins and escaped with crew personal belongings. A navy boat arrived at the location to provide assistance. All crew reported safe.
·          19.09.2018: 02.15 LT: Posn: 00:14.20S – 117:39.40E, Muara Berau Anchorage, Indonesia.
While at anchor, four to five robbers armed with knives boarded bulk carrier PINDOS (IMO No 9761322, flag of Barbados) twice within three hours. The robbers climbed the ship through the anchor chain from a small boat. On both occasions, the duty watchman noticed the robbers on the forecastle deck and raised the alarm resulting in them escaping with ship’s stores.
·          19.09.2018: 04.45 LT: Posn: 01:14.87 N – 103:57.92E, Westbound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS)Singapore Strait, Singapore.
While sailing, three robbers with machetes boarded LPG tanker MAREGAS, flying the flag of Panama, and were sighted at the stern of the ship. The Chief Engineer sustained injuries to his face and hands after the robbers confronted him and forcibly took his gold chain. The robbers attempted to gain access to the Captain’s cabin but were unsuccessful. They made their escape when the alarm was raised. Remaining crew are safe with no injury. The master reported the incident to Singapore Vessel Traffic Information System (VTIS). The crew did not see how they came alongside or how they departed, however after the robbers disembarked; the crew found a long stick at the stern that was used to embark the vessel.
·          21.09.2018: 00.01 UTC: Posn: 06:16.51N – 003:13.15E, Lagos Secure anchorage Area, Nigeria.
Duty AB on routine rounds onboard an anchored chemical tanker BW PUMA (flag of Singapore) noticed two boats close to the anchor chain. He immediately notified the OOW and tried to chase away the boats. As the AB approached the No. 1 Cargo Tank he noticed two robbers hiding on deck. The AB raised the alarm and shouted at the robbers resulting in the robbers jumping overboard and escaping. A search was made throughout the tanker. The razor wire abreast the forward cargo tank was found to have been bent allowing access to deck. Nigerian navy informed. A patrol boat came and searched the area. Nothing reported stolen.
·          22.09.2018: 05.00 UTC: Posn: 03:45.32N – 006:43.01E, approx 36nm SW of Bonny Island, Nigeria.
Armed pirates boarded a bulk carrier GLARUS (IMO No 9220471, flag of Switzerland) underway, kidnapped 12 crew members and escaped. Incident reported to the Nigerian navy who dispatched a naval boat to assist the vessel. Remaining crew sailed the vessel under naval escort to a safe anchorage.
One hour before this incident, another bulk carrier was approached by the same pirates and attempted the attack. Embarked Navy security guard fired two warning shots and they aborted the chase.
·          25.09.2018: 05.10 UTC: Posn: 10:16.4N – 064:42.8W: Puerto La Cruze anchorage, Venezuela.
Two robbers boarded an anchored product tanker. The alert watchkeeper noticed the robbers, raised the alarm and crew mustered. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers escaped without stealing anything. Master contacted the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre which immediately relayed the incident information to the authorities. A coast guard patrol boat was dispatched and the officers boarded the tanker for investigations.
·          25.09.2018: 11.42 UTC: Posn: 02:45.6N – 006:39.1E, around 100nm SSW of Bonny Island, Nigeria.
Six armed pirates in a speed boat approached an oil tanker underway. Master raised the alarm, increased speed, took evasive manoeuvres, contacted the escort vessel and the non-essential crew mustered in the citadel. The pirates fired towards the tanker and then moved away when they saw the escort vessel approaching. All crew safe and no damages reported.
·          25.09.2018: 19.30 UTC: Posn: 01:20.02N – 104:14.81E, around 1.5nm SE of Tanjung Bulat, Johor, Malaysia, South China Sea.
Two men armed with swords boarded a drilling rig mobile offshore drilling unit OCEAN ROVER, flying the flag of Marshall Islands (IMO No 8753225), and robbed two onboard security guards. The robbers tied up the security guards and stole their personal items and communications equipment before departing the rig. The security guards were released by shore-based staff after a few hours when they failed to radio in.
·         30.09.2018: 04.02 UTC: Posn: 04:54.10N – 001:41.17W, Takoradi anchorage, Ghana.
A merchant vessel was boarded by two people via the anchor chain. The crew raised the alarm and the two intruders left the vessel. Nothing was stolen, crew and vessel are safe.

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