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Acts of piracy

21 December, 2017

·          01.11.2017: 10.06 UTC: Posn: 04:02.7N – 007:03.5E, around 21nm SSW of Bonny Island, Nigeria.
Lookout onboard a tanker INTERIM (IMO No 9039121, flag of Panama) underway noticed two speed boats approaching at high speed. OOW immediately raised the emergency alarm and Master notified the terminal who relayed the information to a Nigerian naval ship. As the speed boats closed to the tanker guns and ladders were sighted. The Master ordered the crew to secure all access to the vessel and retreat into the citadel. The bridge team commenced evasive manoeuvre to prevent the pirates from boarding. On seeing the approaching naval ship, the pirates aborted the attempted boarding and moved away. The tanker continued her passage. All crew safe. 
·          03.11.2017: 19.09 UTC: Posn: 01:11.1N – 103:59.7E, Batu Ampar Anchorage, Batam, Indonesia. (Malacca Strait).
Three robbers armed with knives, in a small wooden boat with outboard engine boarded an anchored offshore supply ship. Duty AB on routine rounds noticed the robbers and shouted at them resulting in the robbers threatening him with their knives. The AB immediately informed the bridge and the alarm was raised. Hearing the alarm and seeing the crew alertness, the robbers escaped. A search was carried out and ship’s properties reported stolen.
·          03.11.2017: 20.50 UTC: Posn: 00:15.73S – 117:34.50E, Muara Berau Anchorage, Samarinda, Indonesia (South China Sea).
Two robbers armed with knives and sticks boarded an anchored bulk carrier via the anchor chain during cargo operations. They threatened the duty AB and OOW with knives, stole ship's properties and escaped with their accomplices in a waiting boat. Alarm raised and crew alerted. Master was unsuccessful in contacting port control.
·         03.11.2017: 13.30 UTC: Posn: 22:02.99N – 091:48.44E, Kutubdia Anchorage, Bangladesh.
A robber armed with a knife boarded a barge under tow. The tug Master switched on the search light and directed it towards the barge and notified port control and the Coast Guard. Seeing the alerted crew the robber escaped with stolen barge properties. Coast Guard came onboard for investigation.
·         07.11.2017: 21.45 UTC: Posn: 02:53.0N – 105:17.5E, around 21nm SW of Pulau Mangkai, Kepulauan Anambas, Indonesia.
Robbers armed with knives boarded the bulk carrier ANDROMEDA (IMO No 9426714, flag of Marshall Islands) underway. They threatened the crew members with knives, stole ship’s property, cash and crew members’ personal belongings. They damaged ship's communication equipment and fled in their boat. All crew safe.
·          10.11.2017: 22.15 UTC: Posn: 01:28.21N – 104:38.78E, around 14nm NNE of Tanjung Berakit, Pulau Bintan, Indonesia.
Crew on routine rounds onboard an anchored LNG tanker noticed three unauthorised persons on the poop deck. Alarm raised and crew mustered. A search was carried out throughout the tanker. The pad lock of a mooring hatch cover was found broken. Nothing reported stolen. 
·          11.11.2017: 08.22 UTC: Posn: 04:07.10N – 006:59.57E, around 17nm SSW of Bonny Island, Nigeria.
Armed pirates boarded a drifting bulk carrier VENUS BAY (IMO No 9414450, flag of Isle of Man (United Kingdom). They entered the bridge and fired their weapons damaging the bridge windows. The pirates stole ship's properties, crew personal belongings, kidnapped 10 crew members and fled in their boat. Two Nigerian navy vessels intercepted the pirates, rescued the crew members and apprehended five pirates. The ship was escorted into the inner anchorage under naval escort and armed guards were placed onboard during the ship’s stay. On 12 Nov 2017, the ship resumed passage under naval escort to Port Harcourt and berthed.
·          13.11.2017: 15.00 LT: Posn: 13:38.00N – 070:55.00E, 194 nm southwest of Panjim (Goa), Arabian Sea.
While sailing, a mother boat with two skiffs picked up speed towards tanker TOSA (IMO No 9343388, flag of Japan) on a collision course. The crew raised the general alarm, the anti-piracy alarm and fog horn was sounded. After a few minutes, the skiffs stopped approaching the ship. The Master was not able to see the persons on board the skiffs or the mother boat. He reported the incident to the authority and continued her voyage.
·          16.11.2017: 06.30 UTC: Posn: 10:19N – 075:31W: Mamonal anchorage, Colombia, South America.
Robbers armed with guns and knives boarded an anchored chemical tanker ARCTIC BREEZE (IMO No 9350850, flag of Malta). Duty crew on routine rounds spotted the robbers and notified the OOW who raised the alarm. Upon hearing the alarm, the robbers fled with stolen ship’s property. A search was carried out and port control was notified. All crew safe.
·          16.11.2017: 09.45 UTC: Posn: 03:30.6N – 006:45.9E, approx. 56nm SSW of Bonny Island, Nigeria.
Seven pirates in a speed boat chased the tanker SABINE (IMO No 9594755, flag of Marshall Islands)               underway. As the boat closed in to 300 meters the crew noticed a long ladder. The alarm was raised, Master increased speed, commenced evasive manoeuvres and the crew mustered in a safe place. After chasing the tanker for a while the boat stopped its approached and then once again attempted to close in to the ship to board. Due to the hardening measures employed by the tanker the boat aborted and moved away. Nigerian Navy HQ notified.
·          16.11.2017: 11.00 UTC: Posn: 04:07N - 006:57E, around 19nm SW of Bonny Island, Nigeria.
Pirates approached a bulk carrier FADELSIA (IMO No 9481099, flag of Liberia) underway around 15 minutes after its Nigerian Navy security escort boat moved away. Hearing the “Mayday” transmission, the security vessel returned to the bulk carrier and fired upon the pirate boat resulting in the pirates aborting. The Nigerian Navy security vessel then escorted the bulk carrier to Bonny Anchorage.
·          17.11.2017: 09.17 UTC: Posn: 01:55.9S - 047:56.8E, around 282nm SSE of Mogadishu, Somalia, Arabian Sea.
Lookout on board a container ship EVER DYNAMIC (IMO No 9142198, flag of Panama) underway noticed two skiffs approaching and notified the OOW, who raised the alarm. As the skiffs closed in, weapons, RPG and ladder were sighted in the skiffs. Master, increased speed, commenced evasive manoeuvres and all non-essential crew mustered in the citadel. The pirates tried to come alongside to hook on the ladder but due to the evasive manoeuvres and swell caused by the wake they failed. They then fired two RPG rockets towards the ship, which missed. Due to the increase in the ship’s speed, the skiffs aborted the attack. UKMTO notified.
·          18.11.2017: 05.30 LT: Posn: 01:25.64N - 104:35.29E, around 12nm North of Tg. Berakit, Pulau Bintan, Indonesia, South China Sea.
Three robbers armed with guns and knives boarded the anchored product tanker. Duty crew on routine rounds spotted the robbers. The alarm was raised and crew mustered. Upon hearing the alarm and seeing the crew alertness, the robbers fled with ship’s property. A search was carried out. Incident reported to MPA Singapore.
·          20.11.2017: 19.30 UTC: Posn: 01:02.4N – 103:39.2E, around 6nm South of Pulau Nipah, Indonesia, Malacca Strait.
An unlit boat approached a bulk carrier NORDMOSEL (IMO No 9741877, flag of Malta) underway and came alongside the STBD quarter. Crew on deck watch noticed the boat and informed the duty officer. Deck lights and search lights switched on and directed towards the boat. Duty officer noticed around eight robbers in the boat. A ladder was seen hooked onto the ships rail. Alarm raised and crew mustered. Seeing the alerted crew the robbers unhooked the ladder and moved away. VTIS informed. Once the vessel arrived at the anchorage, the Singapore Coast Guard boarded the vessel for investigation.
·          21.11.2017: 00.50 UTC: Posn: 06:19.45N - 003:11.68E, Lagos Secure Anchorage Area, Nigeria.
Ten robbers in two boats attempted to board an anchored chemical tanker under the flag of Marshall Islands. Duty crew noticed the robbers and raised the alarm. Upon seeing the alert crew, the robbers aborted the attempted boarding. Incident report to local agent.
·          21.11.2017: 18.30 UTC: Posn: 14:03.25N - 048:48.92E, around 33nm SW of Mukalla, Yemen, Gulf of Aden.
Armed persons in a speed boat chased and fired upon a product tanker GREAT STAR (IMO No 8912508, flag of Panama) underway. Alarm raised, speed increased, evasive manoeuvres commenced and all non-essential crew mustered in the engine room. Due to the hardening measures and the presence of the AST the boarding was averted. All crew safe.
·          22.11.2017: 02.31 UTC: Posn: 03:17.5N - 006:52.5E, around 66NM SSW of Bonny island, Nigeria.
A speed boat approached and chased a container ship STRAUSS (IMO No 9306471, flag of Cyprus) underway. Alarm raised, evasive manoeuvres commenced, SSAS activated, local authorities notified and crew mustered in the citadel. A Nigerian navy vessel was dispatched to assist the container ship, however after around 20 minutes, the speed boat aborted the chase and moved away. Vessel and crew safe.
·          26.11.2017: 17.00 – 21.00 UTC: Posn: 01:25.4N – 104:41.4E, around 13nm NNE of Tg. Berakit, Pulau Bintan, Indonesia.
During routine rounds, duty crew onboard an anchored product tanker noticed two damaged padlocks and raised the alarm. Crew mustered and a search was carried out. Nothing reported stolen. Authorities informed.

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